DOWNLOAD: The Core of the Smart Grid White Paper

White Paper Abstract:

Today’s energy infrastructure requires thorough renewal as energy administrators struggle to cope with the demands of government policies to improve efficiency. The grid has been optimized to deliver power on demand to consumers irrespective of location and time—often calling on spare generating capacity to handle peak load conditions. However, this spare capacity is expensive to construct and maintain and makes it harder to implement low-carbon targets. The current grid is also poorly suited to dealing with a new generation of electric road vehicles that are frequently plugged into the electricity supply instead of being fueled at a dedicated station.

To cope with the much greater emphasis on efficiency that government policies will encourage, the grid must evolve and become smarter. Internet technologies coupled with a secure, high-integration hardware platform can provide the intelligence needed to take maximum advantage of low-carbon energy sources, optimize consumption and reduce consumer costs. This white paper describes how the GreenFire system, based on Microsemi hardware, can provide the basis for this new smarter grid.

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