DOWNLOAD: Implement Secure Boot with a Microsemi IGLOO2 FPGA for Free White Paper

White Paper Abstract:

Microsemi IGLOO2 devices have a wide range of differentiated Security features that can implement secure boot capability on an embedded system. A secure boot process is needed to verify that the boot code used to 'bring-up' an embedded system is authorized to run on the target processor. Without such a check the security of the MCU controlled sub-system, and perhaps even the rest of a complete networked system, can be compromised by a malicious intruder. This white paper will educate embedded systems designers of the dangers posed by poor system security and will illustrate how implementing secure boot using Microsemi IGLOO2 devices can dramatically increase the security of any embedded system that might be subject to outside attacks. Additionally, the paper will demonstrate how in most cases the addition of these types of security features can be included for free since the IGLOO2 FPGA will also be used to implement other common embedded system functions in addition to the security functions needed for secure boot.

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