DOWNLOAD: Size, Reliability and Security: The Essential Ingredients for Medical Devices White Paper

White Paper Abstract:

Improved electronics technology will bring a new generation of devices that provide portability, connectivity, lower cost and data security. Microsemi's nonvolatile FPGAs provide the right combination of features to let equipment makers deliver on all those demands. Microsemi's nonvolatile FPGAs are applicable to a wide range of medical products:

  • The combination of security, integration and nonvolatile storage lends itself to use in automated external defibrillator (AED) equipment.
  • Ultrasound scanners are going through a rapid phase of evolution as integration makes it possible to use many channels in parallel for greater resolution and usability. Smaller ultrasound devices—even handheld—are being developed.
  • 4D imaging and 4D radiation therapy promise radical improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. By visually freezing a 3D model or by showing an animated 3D image, 4D imaging techniques make it easier for clinicians to identify targets and focus treatment on tumors, reducing the impact of radiation therapy or surgery on surrounding tissue.
  • Portability and the ability to run for long periods on a battery charge are prime requirements for a new generation of health monitors, as well as effective data security to ensure that third parties cannot intercept personally identifiable medical data.

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